“This is not what I expected.”

“Shouldn’t I be feeling better?  I feel so out of control.”

“Why didn’t anyone tell me it would be this hard?”

The transition to parenthood brings many unanticipated challenges. It is a time of much change and personal growth.

No matter how well you prepare for this time and plan ahead, there are some outcomes and emotional reactions that you could not have predicted.

It could be that your expectations of how this time was supposed to be are not matching your experience.  You may find yourself feeling lost, having emotions you cannot explain or feel you should be doing better than you are.  The adjustment to bringing the baby home might be more difficult than you imagined. And feelings of sadness related to your lifestyle changes may put a strain on your relationship.

Perhaps you are deeply concerned about your health and the health of your baby. Or sadly, a pregnancy loss brings on deep heartache and grief. You might also be experiencing symptoms of postpartum depression and/or anxiety.

Any emotions that you may be experiencing during these times are normal reactions to difficult and trying situations.  In order to have a healthy pregnancy and postpartum period, your emotional health is as critical as your medical health.

How Therapy Can be Helpful

Most likely, you have prepared for this new chapter of your life as best you can. Much of the emphasis in childbirth and pregnancy classes is on how to help you feel confident and ready to bring your baby home. Little time is spent on the emotional journey you are embarking on or the unexpected events that might occur.

Pregnancy Counseling - Denver, CO 

When you find yourself trying to cope with a situation that you could not have prepared for, seeking counseling can provide the support that will guide you back to feeling like yourself again.

We will take our time talking about your unique situation and the impact it is having on you and your family.

Together we will work out a plan that creates solutions for the issues at hand. Be reassured that with time, you will have the tools to handle your situation and draw upon your strengths and resilience as you move forward.

The most commonly asked question during my initial consultation is:

"Can you tell me the typical situations that you work with?"

Given that an individual’s personal situation is unique to them, there really isn’t a typical situation.  What is typical is the effort to individualize treatment for each individual and family. Women and couples often seek counseling during pregnancy and postpartum for the following:

  • Adjustment to the pregnancy
  • High Risk Pregnancy
  • Infertility – addressing the “emotional roller coaster,” grief and loss
  • Miscarriage
  • Neonatal loss
  • Postpartum Adjustment
  • Relationship Concerns
  • Depression, anxiety, panic attacks which can occur during pregnancy and postpartum (up to one year after the baby is born)

Each one of these situations can affect you in a myriad of ways, none of which are out of the ordinary or your fault. All the same, the emotions can feel overwhelming and unfamiliar.

It can be comforting, reassuring and healing to share your experiences with a therapist trained in pregnancy and postpartum concerns. There is no need to suffer silently.

What are the next steps?

I welcome you to contact me at 303.759.9171 to schedule a free 15 minute telephone consultation. It will give us an opportunity to discuss your situation in more detail. I am also happy to answer any questions that you may have that will help you to feel comfortable moving forward.

We can decide in that conversation if you would like to set up an appointment. I look forward to hearing from you.