Joan getz-heller - therapist - denver, co

Why Psychotherapy as my chosen profession?

I know. You most likely have heard this before, but it is true. I have always been drawn to compassionately listening, providing guidance and helping others to know that there are solutions to any difficulties they may be facing.

Acquiring a nursing degree and working in an inpatient psychiatric unit at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center followed obtaining a Bachelors degree in sociology.

From being at the bedside of a patient on a medical unit to working alongside patients hospitalized for mental health concerns, my belief in knowing that change and healing can occur within the context of a supportive therapeutic relationship was reinforced.

From that point forward being a psychotherapist in private practice became my career plan.

I received my MSW in Social Work in 1981 from the University of Denver and have had a private psychotherapy practice since 1984.  Over thirty years, that’s a long time!

Being part of the process that guides individuals and couples in overcoming life’s obstacles continues to inspire me everyday. I cannot imagine doing anything else.

My work:

As a psychotherapist, I draw on psychodynamic, attachment, relational and systems theories when taking time to understand your unique circumstances. EMDR may also be introduced, but always within the context of honoring the therapeutic relationship.

In other words, my approach is integrative. We will explore your history, your relationships, and life experiences. This will allow us to identify your strengths and the areas in which you would like to make changes. And then, we will determine the course of our work together.

Therapy offers rich opportunities to alter patterns, relieve distressing symptoms and to feel more comfortable with yourself and in your relationships.

Again and again, I have seen how in our work together, my clients show strength and a wonderful capacity for insight, healing and growth. It is those “aha” moments and the inherent potential for change that I find so rewarding.

My approach is warm and informal. With compassion, humor and understanding I hope, to support you in making the personal changes that will bring you happiness and fulfillment in your life.