Considering EMDR Therapy?

“Can You Benefit From EMDR Therapy?” is an article written by Francine Shapiro, PhD the originator of EMDR.

Francine Shapiro’s article and her book, “Getting Past Your Past: Take Control of Your Life with Self-Help Techniques from EMDR Therapy” provides a straightforward guide to further understanding the theory behind EMDR as well as identifying the myriad life circumstances in which EMDR can be beneficial.

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Since 2003 I have utilized EMDR therapy as part of an integrative approach in my work with patients.  

I and my patients continue to be astonished at the depth at which healing from symptoms of emotional distress that are the result of disturbing life events occur.  


It is always within the context of the therapeutic relationship that a decision is made to incorporate EMDR into our work together.  If it is determined that EMDR can facilitate alleviation of your symptoms and distress, we will review the philosophy behind EMDR, discuss the protocol as well as how you might benefit. I also refer patients to and as resources to learn more about EMDR therapy.

The most essential consideration is that your past experiences do not have to continue to cause upsetting symptoms in the here and now.

If, for example, you find yourself dealing with recurrent anxiety, reacting to situations in disproportionate ways, are troubled by memories of past events or just feel stuck in repetitive patterns, it could be useful to explore EMDR therapy as an effective treatment.

To learn more about how I utilize EMDR Therapy into my work with patients, please view the EMDR Therapy page on my website.