Couples Counseling Before Marriage – Best Relationship Advice

Couples Counseling Before Marriage – Best Relationship Advice - Denver, CO

"Everything You Need To Know About Premarital Counseling," written by Sharon Nayler for the Huffington Post is a well written, comprehensive article on the advantages of premarital counseling.

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Early attention to significant issues in your relationship and intervening preventively are keys to a healthy relationship and a supportive and loving marriage. 

Typically, more time is spent planning for the wedding day than for the days and years ahead. Doesn’t your relationship and upcoming marriage deserve the same if not more attention? 

Couples and marriage therapy are often seen as a last resort when conflict arises or a relationship is in crisis.  

Seeking premarital counseling preventively and with the intention to build a strong relational foundation going forward will support your ability to handle whatever challenges come your way.

In my psychotherapy practice, I meet with couples at varied stages of their relationship. 

Early on, couples wanting to strengthen their commitment will come to therapy either to resolve areas where they may feel stuck, to address and determine if they can sort out anticipated roadblocks or simply to find productive ways to communicate about concerns that may arise.  Others will seek assistance later in the relationship when unhealthy patterns are being repeated, problems have established roots or a challenging life event has occurred. Solutions can be found and change can occur at every stage of a relationship.

But why not make the commitment to talk about your hopes and wishes for your future before saying “I do?”

Premarital therapy offers rich opportunities to address any concerns that either partner is having and to develop healthy communication that promotes respectful listening, understanding and compassion for one another.

To learn more about my philosophy of treatment and therapeutic approach when providing Couples/Marriage counseling, please view the Couples Counseling page on my website.